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10 Web Developer Survival Tools

This list is the prime of all developer tools needed to have a start up or if you are just starting a personal project, these tools will be a great help to survive the industry’s competition. You will need the following: Something to make you remember, taking notes are vital in creating a project in … Continue reading

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Colder Mornings: The Sweetest Hugs for Couples

Well I maybe mislead my title, this does not work for me, and we do more with the baby than we as couples. The past few days are really cold out here, due to wind systems coming from cold Siberia and China, we do not cuddle much as a couple. Well for some new born, … Continue reading

Reformatting Blog: Back to Dev again

I’ve been to the IT business consulting for quite some time and I wish to have learned this lot earlier than today. I will reformat the concept of the blog again. I will be introducing web development again. I have a new role in my new company and I miss creating applications from scratch, designing … Continue reading


The New Girl In Town

The supposedly delivery on December got an early coming last November 24.Yes I safe delivery of another baby girl, her name is Reanne Leuise. The latest addition to our family Is really an answered prayer, though there were a lot of challenges during the pregnancy period we managed to get through this.     Let … Continue reading

New Avengers

Indifference is The Opposite of Love

How ideally you picture a certain situation, a topic or a person, there is always a hybrid came up. There is always an exception to the rule. Let’s go extreme, a priest, how holy or forgiving the picture of a priest to you there is always an exception to the rule. Like for this example, … Continue reading


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