A Journey of a Shepherd We Called Francis



Almost every Filipino blogger would be writing a blog post about the Papal Visit, well this is not it. Let’s say a strange post about faith for those people that is either an non-believer or still torn to the separation of the organization and faith within Catholics. Do not get me wrong this is not a hate post either. It’s more aligned to the realization after the Papal visit.

In my lifetime he is the Pope that actually went down to see the people, technically he governs, but not. Anyways, at first I did not know that he will actually go to the Visayan region and meet the people that would really need his help now. For the most people that gone there to help, actually the Pope is the only person that sincerely helped them. He just nails it to every hearts of the people there which is very important motivation to the people there that has nothing. Catastrophe after catastrophe, typhoon in, typhoon out these people really experienced everything and I rant and complain that the traffic is heavy in Ortigas, I am so insensitive. What is awesome there? None, but on that very spot the airport is filled with hearts that are pure. Reflect on that.

Why did the Pope say learn how to weep? learn how to cry? He also challenges us to receive. That will be against the immortal saying – It’s better to give than to receive, but he answered that quite vague. I can’t actually quote him but I understand that giving is just the same of receiving, receiving with humility. Today, we wear a lot of mask and maybe we see people give away since it was the spirit of Christmas that drives them but giving away is equally important to be able to receive something from a person that you do not expect or from a complete stranger. Today people refuse to receive gifts that people are too proud to receive something.

He challenge also the crowd to cry, to weep. The point came from a girl that was a street children before now lives in the orphanage. The girl asked why there are a lot of children suffers? And Pope answered her with a hug with a blessing. The girl cried and cried and fill that very stage with her emotion. The Pope challenge everyone to cry and weep, in this age and our lifetime people are afraid to cry. We are distracted with earthly things and activities that diverts our sadness to a temporary happiness but in the end of the day, are you really happy? My interpretation of his challenge was, be with the world and feel your weakness and seek who really loves you most, who really makes you happy?

When Was the Last Time I Made a Web App

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The sword is really rusty for me, since I started on being a service engineer, I missed the times I created something from scratch and presented it to a client. Reminiscing those good old days, well there is no excuse to create something like that today.

From the previous post I discussed on how to power up your machine with Symfony. Then next we will create small system that will use our framework. Here we will create the concept of our Web Application.

What you should learn first

Framework is for advanced users actually, so what you need first in building your next web application.

HTML – This is the framework of your work, your skeleton. This is where it will start, this is where it will end. You need to learn this one first since you are working with tags mostly and you will embed it either in PHP or in Javascript.

Javascript – You have your skeleton, we need a soul, this is the interaction begins. Javascript is the one you can rely on user experience definitely a taker.

PHP – Basic PHP will do, just need to understand the starts and the exits of the code and its function, its purpose. You need a debugger on this one since you need to track on how it works.

These three are the fundamentals the next are the secondary skill you should know but as equal important, since you are on your own.

CSS – Learn the basics, try it for yourself, try a few codes and see what it can do. These are all cosmetic but equally important as the first three.

Design – Not all people can design, not all people has taste. Have few tutorials online on how to create interfaces. These are essential also that goes hand in hand with the function of your web application.

I already mentioned some tools of the trade on creating a website here is the list. Next will be the concept.

We will start creating a simple web page first before the hard ones.