Learning And Innovation Comes With Need – Start On Your Own Backyard

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I was not able to blog for quite some time, because I am in the planning phase of my personal project. If you want to join me on my journey you can always do so by subscribing to the blog.

The goal for this month is the actual website of our Project Uno.

January was a blast. I was able to blog everyday, I have posted for 28 days. This February, not that much because I am actually working on the project. Applying what I posted related to web development. I am still refining the blog trying to build a valuable blog at least content wise.

Content Is Still King.

Though It is hard to post and create all at the same time not to mention my duties as a father and my role as Integration Support in my company. To have a 2 hours uninterrupted time for my project is a bit tricky but I was able to hang with it, however I need to exchange it with my other tasks which is blogging.

Consuming content for learning and actually applying what you’ve learned would really take some time to be mastered. That is why I am practicing on Project Uno.

I have my Excel sheet to monitor the progress, and I am still not in the build phase which is the actual coding.

With that in mind, I was thinking lately if I would build an actual lineup of projects first before making the actual portfolio website?

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If I follow my statement earlier that Content Is King, I should create content first right before I can build the actual portfolio right? Though after this Project Uno what is our next project?

Before, web development was just creating websites for me. As I get exposed and actually dive into the development it is not just creating websites anymore. It is a way of helping people.

Come to think of it, if you are still learning web development, you need help as well. What I am saying is start with your own needs. What do you need that web development can solve?

At my age and time, we should keep on learning. It helps our brain function better. Ideas do not grow old as you age, every piece of technology that we have is still work in progress. Scale that to a student, learning should be consistent.

We should be challenged every day, and it should start with what you need. There came a point that I wanted to create my own browser because I want to integrate a tool in the browser, because that is what I think I need. The same if you are building a portfolio.

You create projects first and if you are already consistent with it you jump to another one and another and another. Until it comes to a time that you will create for your own needs. Improve your dashboard and make a project management software because you are sick with Excel trackers. Which is good, because you are learning and you want to improve the way you work.

After this Project Uno, as this is static only at first, we will create it to make it dynamic.Custom CMS maybe? Or then we will migrate to WordPress. The vision is to learn web development and make a career or business out of it. If I will be able to make it work as an E-Commerce website then I guess I will start creating my own T-Shirt business right? Or sell an E-Commerce site to clients. Online stores are really taking off because of the pandemic and this is an opportunity for people in web development like me to take charge and embrace the change of times.

Also while doing that since I already have a free gaming blog that already has a potential to earn because of AdSense,  I can create a blogger template to own the design of my gaming blog rather than using free templates around.

The vision is clear, if there is an opportunity to increase additional income that you already have now, you build your skills around what you love. It is not wrong to dream of a better life for your family, especially me as a father and bread winner,  earning in AdSense can work as a passive income for my family or having clients on the side that are interested to the E-Commerce site you built.

Exciting times indeed. Learning coding is really the game changer of the century and there are a lot of opportunities in it.

If you want to join me in my journey, the coding challenge this month would be the static website of a T-shirt company. Incorporate your landing page from the previous month. By this time you should learn at least CSS already if you have issues on your CSS this can be helped using a CSS Reset.

Happy Coding.

My Top 5 Points To Improve This 2022 – Not A New Year Resolution

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I leave my weekends this time, with my time to my family. Family should be the top of our priority as always. Not blogging for 3 days is also an amazing feeling not thinking about anything but enjoying it with your family. 

For 28 days I’ve been blogging about geeky stuff and giving tips on how to build a website and I even initiated a month-long coding challenge. I do not have a fool-proof blogging plan. It’s just me and my keywords.

2022 should be our chance to redeem ourselves. 

Should be our “battle pass”, our journey towards our goals. Even if it is not aligned with mine, it should ultimately be yours, be yours to create your own goals this year.

For me pursuing my coding journey, I’ve been through a lot, and this is my chance. Life is too short to be taken for granted.

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Those 3 days that I did not write is a realization that you need to breathe. I enjoy writing and sharing my story. I really enjoy that blogging everyday exercise, but the experience of actually being with your family, discussing goals, binge watching, was really a blast. 

We had a peaceful 3 days.

I am really grateful for the opportunity that I currently have with my job, but of course at the end of the day you want to improve something for yourself.

In our team, Fridays are very special. Normally, from Mondays to Thursdays, my lead will start the meeting and mention one of our team mates to start with their tickets. The purpose of this huddles is to know what are the hurdles service engineers encounter to close the ticket or any technical concern for that matter. The daily huddle would normally start with us service engineers sharing our tickets in pursuit of happiness, I mean solution (if you solve it you are happy, so it is relative) on our tickets, yes including me. Fridays are special, because the huddle will start from our service engineer presenting some slides, not with the tickets yet. The slides will have an icebreaker question as we call it.

Icebreaker questions are not necessarily technical questions but rather questions sharing a little bit of your personality.

The question last Friday was, what goal are you looking forward to achieving this year?

The obvious answer from me is to have self-growth. I did emphasize web development but it should be holistic. This is not a Lunar New Year Resolution, no planning tips, the list is suggestive and you can share yours in the comment section if you have a different version.

This is a simple list to target this year but we have no deadline. No pressure. If you set yourself achieving the goal at the end of the year, no problem. If you did not do it, repeat it next year. That is why we will start with the question why? It is more of a why, I need to improve it, and if possible you should too.

I will start with the list, and why I want it to improve. The why is your engine to why you will be doing it, and what will you do to improve it. We can not push for a bigger list of targets because we can do as much.

Here are my top 5 that I should improve this year.

  1. Faith
  2. Health
  3. Relationship
  4. Coding
  5. Blogging

Then why did I not write about this in January? It is really hard to plan, I do not have a plan to start a resolution and break it in the middle of the year. I am more of a To-do guy.

Being a dad is really dynamic. You really don’t know what will be your chores for today, if  I will be the one that will cook, or I will squeeze in mopping the floor.

One thing is for sure, you can not plan the day! You can plan that much, but you really can not say exactly what you do for the whole day.

My top 5 self-improvement points are suggestive, for you it can be much more complex. The point of listing my top 5, on top of my head, is what is lacking in me.

My top 3, can actually be summed up, they are intertwined. I put faith first because a lot of amazing things happened last year, and I am simply very grateful. 

Faith keeps me grounded.

Being grounded means a healthy relationship, you talk to your family and you understand each other, being calm. Health is also related to being grounded, humble. Being healthy is loving yourself, taking care of yourself because you love your family and friends. 

Health is keeping our temper low, low temper, being calm, our moods are all anchored in faith.

For the other two, they are connected to health. Healthy mind is a sound mind. You can think well. If you can think well, you can code, you can blog better.

We started this year with a prayer. My goal is to keep that habit of praying. I pray in the morning and I pray before eating. The family lost the evening prayer, and I want to bring it back. Bringing back the family to a prayer is always an amazing experience that your daughters lead the prayer.

We are praying in rotation, and I am always looking forward to when my daughters lead the prayer. It is really authentic.

Health is also my priority, and I am glad that I already went out biking. That is what I do to keep the blood flow, biking. I met with my friends and just went for a loop in a nearby subdivision. It was a chill ride, the challenge is always if I go back home because the road is elevated. I am glad that I was able to conquer the elevation already. My legs are getting better and better.

Maybe there is a thin line on my list that sounds like a new year’s resolution. Resolutions are specific.These 5 activities I am already doing, I just need to improve them.

Our struggles to survive this pandemic is not yet over. We are still in the middle of it. There could be a lot of variants that spread faster than grass fires but what we can all do is pray. Pray for the best for our family members and for our neighbors.

We are all survivors. You survived 2020 and 2021, it’s your time to shine. Whatever your goal is I am rooting for you, all the best is yet to come this year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

3 + 1 Of My Most Underrated Websites – That You Should Use Too

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We all have these websites that are not commonly visited but are very useful to us. If you have seen that video about a list of websites that are not commonly visited or to his language underrated.

First, my definition of underrated, is a person or an artist that is known but was not that recognized compared to the mainstream that is often introduced to us. I think those websites are not underrated, they are just not known.

On my list is really underrated because I think they have a decent amount of users, it’s just least recommended to others. Their use or uniqueness are often overlooked but it is pretty useful to me, that is why I am wondering why people do not see things differently.

Ninite – This is one hell of a utility. This updates all your apps in one go. It also ignores any bloatware that comes with your apps during the installation process.

You no longer need to know updates, it will take care of that too.

Alternative To – I am always curious of softwares and their alternatives, usually what I am looking for are free ones. I go to this website.

It is still bookmarked to me ever since. This is where I discovered Deezer, Soundcloud and StreamIO, amazing websites to be honest. 

You can select the popular app and it will show you the other alternatives of that app. Until now I still search on this website, as more and more apps are being created every year, this website has never failed me on the recommendation.

LastFM – Definitely not the least. I discovered a lot of indie artists here in LastFm. It is basically an app that is integrated with Spotify. The app does is that it records what you listen to which they call scrobble. You have a history on how many times you played the song. It is pretty much common since there are other apps that do that, and that is not the feature I like about this website.

LastFm does that when you search for an artist they will suggest artists that are similar to their sound. This is where I discovered the early years of Hush Sound, Foster the People, and Echosmith.

It is a great feature where you discover new sounds. Especially me, I have a diverse taste for music. This website is definitely useful to me, and you should really try this too.

The additional website that I am mentioning is probably not new to you, but definitely a very useful site. It is the Wayback Machine, Archive.org. It is a really fun and very useful website because you can see past documents, sounds, and video clips with ease.

Actually there are a whole lot more but these are the only things I can say that are useful to me. Most of the time it is just software and music that I hunt with these tools. It is not a waste of time, what you do with these websites or apps, it is always good to discover new things everyday.

HTML Header And Footer Tags – Such Life Savers

Not sure if you can guess my age,  but I made it to the web design industry where tables are still being used, transitioning to a tableless layout. Tables are really chaotic, in terms of browser consistency and the learning curve from tables to tableless is also steep, that is also why I used the CSS Reset.

For a start-up company that I worked before there is not much elbow room to play around and explore. I learned to use <div> to create the sections of the website that I am building in the hardest way possible, it is so frustrating, that you just pull your hair out. That is why I am also shaved during that time.

You will have this code for your header.

<div id = “header”> …. Contents of your header    </div>

And for the footer.

<div id=”footer”> ……….. Contents of your footer </div>

And if you have other parts like for a 2-column website you have other smaller ones that you could name sidebar1 and sidebar2 and another one for the main content.

The good thing is that now we can use a specific HTML standard tag for the header and footer. So instead of having this CSS style

#header{ <style of your header> }

With the new tags, you can conveniently identify exactly which objects are in the header or in the footer.

Since before you only use <div> and name it as “header” with all of the others div or lists  for menus that are in your header div, it is hard to trace where the actual header div will close.

<div id=”header”>
	<div class = “menu”>

Inside that <div> there can also be a few other divs. On the new HTML header tags, you can easily locate where your header will end.

	<div class=”menu”>

Since the name is distinct, if you will change something or debug your HTML for a potential display issue, you can easily locate the header and separate the header from the other parts of the page you are trying to build.

Though this is not yet applicable on our coding challenge because technically it is just a landing page and there is no header or footer as of to this moment. It is possible if we go further on creating the actual site for our project, then we can use these HTML tags.

It is a good practice to utilize the new tags being introduced and new updates on HTML to help us in improving and complying to the standards of HTML 5.

Happy Coding!

5 Websites That Tickles Your Creativity Within

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Still uninspired? Sometimes we need some fresh eyes on things. I took a rest last night because I really feel exhausted. I wanted to play Valorant or something but I guess I was too tired yesterday. I opened a fresh blank document to write but the brain was just exhausted after a day’s work. I just browse some blogs and read some and think about how to be inspired or just to boost the creativity and push it into action. I got a bit of inspiration and ideas from my go to websites. This is of course in preparation for our February challenge.

Here are some of a few that I go about recently just to have some fresh perspective. In no particular order

Made Studio
  1. Made Studio – I guess when you come into an age that you are fascinated with architectural design and interior design. I guess this is what I want for my own house as well, a minimalist and clean house. I am really inspired with the website on how they present themselves as an architectural firm.
  1. Xavier Cusso – Every designer has different ways of expressing themselves and showing their uniqueness in style. The uniqueness of Xavier’s website really stands out from the crowd. You just see for yourself
Xavier Cusso – Barcelona
  1. Jane Bowyer – When I lack color inspiration, I do not go to colors.com to be inspired, I go to an illustrator like Jane. I want to see how the color was used. Jane never ceased to inspire me a lot.
Pedro On The World
  1. Pedro On The World – On most occasions I wanted some live colors to be inspired. Besides the National Geographic Instagram page, I go to Pedro. He is a photographer of various subjects, lifestyle, automotive, cultures and my favorite pictures of portraits. 
  1. Sylvan Hill – The amazing website of Sylvan Hill, creating simplicity with impact. How the design came about for famous brands in different industries is just mesmerizing.

Commonly I go to Dribbble and Behance to discover more artists and designers that could help me when creativity juice runs out. The list consists of a mixture of Illustrators, Art Designers and Photographers that is essential in creating pieces for the web. Inspiration can show up in different shapes, sizes and canvases. Digital pieces, hand drawn images, or portraits can sometimes help us with our creative blocks. That is why I do not inspire myself with layouts, I inspire myself with different influences from the people I listed.

How do you recharge your creative juices?