Operation Clean Slate: I Did Not Know Windows Has A Reset Button


Yes, I just recently reset my laptop. If in life I could have that? And in only one particular aspect I can reset it. And I thought my wife is a complicated woman yet here I am.

Before you move on to the next website you want to visit, this is not about life. So I just pressed that “reset” button and it’s really liberating letting go your files, well, not all of them, I backed them up but the your overflowing Downloads folder and your junky Documents folder, finally they are free.

I even tweet that damn, reset button! And forgot to backed up my bookmarks and I am like Thanos to harvest them all again. Also my MySQL databases it was all wiped out, good thing it was documented.

The Reset feature of windows 10 is really a harmless button. Specially to those who bought their laptop with pre-installed Windows 10 Operating System (OS). Details are not that helpful, I was asleep through the whole process. It just came to the point that it needs a few details and it needs you to link it to your Microsoft Account. The process was easy, the hassle are the updates, it will catch up all of the updates, so you need to restart from time to time, especially on small patches.

It will be around 6 – 8 hours reset process so make sure the laptop is plugged. The reset button is safe if you are worrying that you lost your key or something, it did not asked me for some key or call a customer service representative to assists just a few setup questions and that’s it, your laptop is good as new.


Childish Gambino Video ‘This is America’, Entertaining Yet Disturbing

This Childish Gambino guy a.k.a Donald Glover is really funny in ‘This is America’ video. He got my attention.

I don’t usually peek in to something that is not good to my ears. I am thinking negatively in a ‘repeated’-lyric songs. The video is good I give him credit to that, but there are just so much violence in the video that my impression I am watching an Iron Man movie.

Having a person got shot in a video is very disturbing.

The video is entertaining it has nice beat to it, and the moves are genuinely entertaining. Yes that’s my selling point the dance moves. The video is plainly simple but I think there is a hidden story behind it why it is arranged that way. Maybe there are hints in the video that I am not aware about, that there should be a social impact to it, nah! I did not guessed it but I have a strong feeling there is.

I don’t want to meddle to the dispute if there’s one, the totality of the video is entertaining to me but there is a part that there is weight to it that I am not sure of. In the end it left wondering, what did I just saw?

Go watch it in Youtube

The Late: Avengers: Infinity War Review

Yes you heard it, this review is late a week late. To why, we do not want to discuss it here. Maybe, I guess I let the late viewers of Infinity War watch the movie first. I am decent man so I will not spoil other people. Enough excuses already it’s taking too much space on the actual post. The post should be at least a word and a half long only because the review will be just, “awesome yeah!”


Why is it awesome? Technically because its not DC. Besides that because its Marvel. Kidding aside, the movie is damn long but in the end I still found myself asking why? and that’s it? Waiting for the end credits to finish and the end credits cut scene. In reality I just still want more action.

Not so long ago I wrote my expectation in the movie and my prediction regarding to the task of the Black Order, to collect the Infinity Stones. They tried but they all failed. Still in the course of the story Thanos get the infinity stones himself. Thane is not in the movie and the little girl on the trailers? It’s Gamora, the scene with the little Gamora is a flashback when Thanos murdered villagers of Gamora’s kind and adopt her as his child.

Ebony Maw almost got the Time Gem from Dr. Strange himself but he failed. Until Spider-man showed up and Iron Man come up with a great plan.


The movie is well made, no dead scenes every scene is important. It mash up with all of the MCU movies you watched before this Avengers: Infinity War.

The real question is that, why the hulk didn’t showed up after the melee combat with Thanos? Which is a classic by the way.

The movie is superb a 10/10 rating for this one.