A Month of Absence

I think it is more than a month from my last post. This is really not good. When I am not in front of the computer I have a lot of thoughts in mind on what is happening in the country or even what was my opinion when Trump wins presidency. A lot of things are coming down when I am commuting to reach the office on time. Why do I need to blog anyway? I don’t need this crazy hobby writing, what is going down? I love to write, but words don’t like me. I can not find the words or right words or even the right topic to write to. It is a real mess around my head.

What am I doing if I am not writing? A lot of my time involves resting. Yes, I rest. When I am not resting I am doing house chores and yes, I do house chores. The rest all consists of playing and working. I have a lot of comics to read and yet, I still can’t find time.

I think this is already the fourth year that I wanted to organize myself — or maybe fifth year. Yet I am still on square one. I need some wisdom on how to do this management thing, I will try this again.

2Am Thoughts: Blogging Absence



Busy, busy, busy and still busy. Yes, I am busy as an army of bees. Maybe stress also get a toll of me. I got sick from time to time. I can’t put a little bit of my time in blogging. My mind is blank, with nothing in it just a limbo of worthlessness.

People really put a lot of work in their schedules clogging it with nothing but stress. Blogging for me is really stress reliever and putting my sanity back where it belongs. Then all of my time was spent on following orders and following on the last orders before a new order came. I need to put an end to this. Though what I am thinking is pretty tough, but it is not impossible. I need to fortify the battle plan for this and prepare to the consequence it may lead us into. It’s like a death wish travelling from Antipolo to Ortigas if I have to die every day for my family I will. I need also to resolve my sleeping disorders, I need a doctor for this one. I am always sleepy.

There are a lot of factors why I skip blog lately. The mind wants but the body can’t execute.

Hoping to get better.

I am A Proud Blogger

Well recently I enrolled in the blogging university of WordPress. Yes and I am excited. Though recent events prevent me from doing the tasks. It was a 7 days straight no new update on the music blogged I put up for the blogging university. My music blog should be focusing more on OPM and the Philippine music scene, my recent posts is more like of talking on the personal thoughts.

I need to make it up a few posts and review on the daily tasks to catch up. Hell, I need this to improve my blogging skills.

My other web dev blog is still in progress, but until I wrote something up, I will update here as well.