Blog Deleted And The Export Feature of

So I deleted my two blogs, the one that talks about music and the other one is about my programming ventures. I can’t publish a timely update on them. There are articles prepared for those two I just can’t squeeze in the time to proof read them.

In the process of the deletion There is a feature in that you can export the contents of your blog. Once you export it you can download it on the spot or you can go to your mail and click on the link which also comes immediately after you click the export.

It’s just odd that the contents are in XML format. Then I will just wonder how it will be imported. I have no plans on putting up the same contents again. I will surely put up a new web dev blog but it will have a different content.


My Daughter’s Hand Has A Gift


I haven’t draw for the longest time, and the crappy drawing below is mine.

Cyclops is always right

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This horrible drawing of cyclops is no match to the beautiful drawing made by my daughter.

Presenting exhibit A


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This is the drawing of my 10 year old daughter Rexelle. She has this gift and we are very thankful for that gift. It all started with my cyclops drawing and I suggested to have an outline of her works which she followed, then eventually came up with a beautiful artwork. She started drawing since 7 years old and she has already a lot of anime drawings which is either goes to the ref then to the trash.

My Little Pony

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Before this drawing she already followed a lot of youtube videos for her art.

I am very proud of her and I hope she already found her passion in art. I hope we can also support to her passion.

Project Genesis: It’s Too Big To Handle


The continuous build of The Genesis Project is currently slow moving. The scope of the project probably too big to handle at one go. This project targets to have me a start of my portfolio as a web developer. Currently I am documenting everything and mapping the values correctly that stops me on the current version.

The Next Version will be Huge
Putting it into perspective, all huge things started small. The planning that I am doing right now is to have the smallest detail on the first wave and put fixes and patches along the way. The first version was giving it one go which give me a lot of fixes on bugs and yet the important features of the project has put on hold.

The Key is Agile
Relatively if I will put it into tiny chunks I will have faster responses on bug fixes. This approach called Agile. Though its more of a team effort since I am the only in the team to do this, I will organize my self as that I am on a team, I have no choice.

I am On Track
Currently the time is not measured so I devised a “celled” time tracking since I can’t afford one yet, that would track my progress. Why should I track my progress? To have a benchmark on how fast I can do the job.

Putting up a project is a very tough decision to make. I should commit to it and try finish something before my skills fade and rot.