Captain America: Civil War – The Movie Review



This is highly anticipated for most fans, they will definitely blog this and insert their expert thought about this movie. The movie is highly anticipated that Marvel should really do this. But not as expected this should be an “Avengers” story arc. Here what I thought initially why they did it under Cap.

Conspiracy – Captain America’s story arc in the movie is more of espionage and government concerns. Being accountable with the disaster every time they assemble is a large concern in global scale.

Winter Soldier – This is where the story evolves. Cap’s involvement with the winter soldier, his hope that Barnes will remember him as Steve Rogers.


The movie really focuses on major parts of Cap’s life and its theme from the start. To be have a more consistent approach, they put it in Cap’s story instead of Avengers’.

With that in mind, shall we go to the review?

Here are the bad parts:

Light representation to where Zemo is coming from: There is nothing in the world can surpass the sadness and loneliness losing your whole family in a major catastrophe. It’s just not presented in the movie as heavy as Whiplash losing everything because of Stark. It just affects me on how the actor delivered his final words with T’chala.


Recruitment Scenes: It’s just did not synched to my system why they need someone like Spider-man or to why Hawkeye joins Cap. It violates some of the character traits of the hero. They put it in a very very light note.

Cap’s Reaction when Stark learned about his Parents: This violate everything about Captain America. Stark’s reaction is just normal for someone that is looking for justice. Captain America is more like a Filipino to me when he reacted like that.

Those are the major parts of the movie that really disappoints me. What are the good parts then?

T’chala is King: This major bad ass really took the whole movie. He is the King enough said. One of the best parts that you need to see it in the movies.

Best Action Sequence: I noticed that every time an Avengers movie is shown, they always have this hero vs. hero scene and the sequence and the choreography of the fight scenes here are splendid.

Here Comes the Spider: It’s really not his entrance that made it. On how good Spiderman fighting together with the big boys.

Team Cap and The Big Ant Man: The humour and the coordination of Team Cap is the one that make me “woooooohhhWWW!” The timing the majestic fighting stance of Cap, the coordination of hawkeye and the ant-man. A lot of collaboration there with the ant-man.


Overall, the verdict is superb! Captain America: Civil War receives 4 star from me.

From what is here is not an expert opinion these are frustration of an old timer comic book reader and criticism of a fan. See for yourself you will enjoy it!

3AM Thoughts: What is Next?



The struggle is real, it’s really hard to maintain a blog. You need time to write and conceptualize about it, to proofread read it (I am not doing this, do not copy) and revise it. I normally do what is on my mind and publish it. That is why sometimes, even I do not know what I am talking about when I visit my blog.

The struggle is real.

It’s exactly 3:20 am in the Philippines and its summer time and it’s hot even in mornings.

What is Next? There are a lot of incoming events and projects in the coming months. We already activated our internet connection for the longest time we only rely on mobile data and it is good to know that we already have a working internet connection, it is not that reliable all the time but it is working.

The election is also coming, and I will not discuss it here, who I will vote.


I am 50% set for my online endeavours. I am just completing the blanks. More of the details on that in the coming days, the road to online life (again).

Me and my wife also half completing the seminar for Couples for Christ community in our church. I am very excited on this one since we have at least time to learn something more about our faith/religion, this some real talk we have here.

I am doing well with my work also. Though it’s becoming tiring at some point but if I will not do this, who will? I am building up for something big in the organization, looking forward that I would pass the “internship”. Though it is not formally announced but it is something near to that situation.

There are a lot of juicy details that will be uncovered in the coming weeks and I am very optimist that I will pull it off correctly this time.

Hopefully I can set my priorities right and onward to the success. It will be dentist day tomorrow so I shall go to bed. 3:32AM and end.

A Sudden Rush to The Head

ScreenHunter_05 Dec. 31 00.44


It’s really quite some time that I logged my last post. I never been to such on the web side these past few years. I have been busy working on with the family life and the work that I have been doing since 2013.

I moved from a web developer to an ABAP programmer. ABAP is a native programming language in SAP. We do mostly support work to the existing HR system we have.

It just struck me to write something. What I have done this past 2 years?

It just felt I was left behind with the technologies in the web. Though the system we maintain is a web app most of its backbone code are done in SAP. Though still in the cloud computing industry, the adrenaline rush of having a web application from scratch is such a liberating experience. On the other hand, solving problem as a support, would give thrills as well.

I still wanted to do developer work, I just need to find time on my very busy schedule at home on how to squeeze those activities, and there goes the alibis. My last post here was something about Symfony, that did not quite blossom in the early stages. Before I got to insert another alibi for myself, I would rather create a few pledges that I need to work on this coming year.

I am thinking of being conscious of my health. My lower body is really a pain in the eyes and a pain in my system, it would really hurt my back a lot. So I need to reduce on the tummy part. I need to cut that giant bulge, I missed my feet already.

Designing, I need to have a concern to the industry that I became my bread and butter. If I can mentor in the office, sure I can inspire others. Besides from joining some discussions on the user groups on facebook, well, I need to inspire others by creating something awesome.

I need to finish something that I started doing. I just need to finish the task, it doesn’t matter if I got paid, I just need to finish, I need to deliver what is supposed to be delivered and document it!

These are just some things I need to prepare myself from. Hopefully I will not be distracted, just focus and put the game face on.