Resilient: After All This Years

My desktop is broken. My long-term partner in crime, finally lay to rest. Though it is not technically mine (my wife bought it from her freelance work), she is well loved and used. I think the time has really come for her to say goodbye. She earned a lot of respect and in monetary aspects as well.

My computer is a quad core MSI machine. Well she is really an old model but hey, it was a good run. A lot of mock ups was produced and a thousand lines of codes are already been delivered. A lot of pictures was processed, filtered and altered.Designs that became inspiration, blog posts to be monitored and replied. Words had pressed, links that been clicked and videos that been streamed.The desktop that has been a witness to every logs and cached that have been stored.

So, where am I blogging anyway? To our new unit, an ASUS laptop. i5 core and a whole lot better than the died soldier. We need a better unit anyway. I will just keep this post simple and short for a moment of silence on my desktop.

Acceptance is The Key: Key to More Possibilities

Like they say, “New Year, New Beginnings” or the old “New Year, New Me” popular in Social Medias. Like the response on the latter, “who were you last year?” or “old crap, different year”. The question is, why you need the “new you” than the person who you truly are? Maybe I misunderstood the person saying “New Year, New Me”, maybe he or she really improving him or herself on the past year and the changes would bloom on the coming year. Nevertheless, we should not let go who we are to the trend of the world.

Accepting really is a difficult thing to swallow. Sometimes, we do not like the “me” in us or maybe we are focused on the things that are ugly in us that is why the goods are always overshadowed and we never thought that good things are already there. It’s hard to focus on the good in us that were pre judged when we are a kid. How come, something good is judged as “not good”? Well let’s just say we listen too much on what other people say to us than really evaluate it first to ourselves that  we have potential. Sometimes people really like ruining other people lives because they are jealous, they are trash talkers just ruining your game, downgrading your morale. Keep calm, ignore and move on. Search on friends or to a community that really knows about what are good and bad in you, focus on strengthening the good and improving further your weaknesses.

Having a group people that understands your strengths will guide you further as you progress and the journey to wherever you wanted to go will not be as bad as it sound. People that will put you down will always be there sniffing your reputation and all, but don’t be afraid, there’s a lot more of them when you get to top.

Acceptance is much harder to accept if you did not see its potential first. Even how ridiculous or ugly the real “me” It is all that you have. Embracing the real you will open a lot of opportunities if you learn to harness the strength, believing on it and loving it. No one can love you better than yourself.