Project Genesis: Project Status and Updates

It’s been quite a while when I launch the start of this project and it seems a lot of schedule changes outside my usual working hours for this project. And of course you do not want to hear those alibis.

Here are the updates so far:

Updated Enrollment Form: TSK0016 | RLS_V1_00000000001
I updated the fields in the enrollment form, I put a more essential set of fields.

Enrollment Form
Genesis: Enrollment Form

Though I only removed the Region field since nobody needs it anyway, I added several fields that can improved the quality of the information we get at first glance.

I added the guardian’s information and the mode of payment. The guardian’s information will be much helpful to determine who governs the child being enrolled. Also for security and notification if something goes wrong with the student. I added the mode of payment field as a drop down menu for easy selection. There are future plans here in connection in the usage of the space on the right of the screen. For now its a manual intervention but this is mainly to show the breakdown of payment as well on the right. This should be ready on the next patch of the development.

Configuration Maintenance: TSK0018 | TSK0019

This is yet to be released but these configuration screens are set of screens for values that are constantly changing every school year. One of which is the school year itself. I built the configuration maintenance of the school year itself to have an ID of the school year we are in. This will be connected to the payment configuration screen to have a school year id in every increase in tuition and also for reporting of the revenue of the school. This is yet to be released and still on testing.

For the next developments I am targeting to have the login ready and integrated with all of the inserts in the system.

So far that’s it with the status and updates, currently the development are still planning and documenting further the needed modules and functionalities next and hopefully the full design will be finished by May 2018.


Eneza v3.0 : I Never Realized That The Blog was Outdated


When I published my first blog post I did not realized how bad that first blog post was. ‘Till I learned the ropes and improving slowly, I am not in a hurry anyway. Then I visit it today, the about section is very outdated and it’s almost ten years and I have no feeling of giving up the blog even I know it’s really bad. I don’t care if I got 2 visitors in a day, and one of them was me, the hell with statistics. I just know someday this blog will matter to me, this will have something good. It’s just slow but I love my blog journey, don’t mind the popularity contests just think of the things you believe and why you have started.

I have been turning on and off some pages before but I think this Eneza 3.0 Project will be the biggest. Well I still have dependencies on my Genesis Projects so I will put that project on hold for the time being.

This will be the start of the new Eneza.

The King is Back: The Black Panther

Black Panther

It will be just less than a week before we go on judge the most awaited Avenger, the Black Panther.

From the trailer you can see the majestic Wakanda. Well we did see it from Captain America: Civil War movie, but more on the urban side of the kingdom. Now we are like in Asgard. Evidently we can see the technological advancement of Wakanda and it’s rich culture and majesty.

What excites me here are the two different Black Panther suits. A gold one and a violet one seems like vibranium-powered suit? Perhaps, maybe let’s see if this is explained in the movie. The detail of the suit is so awesome that only bad-ass-kicking feline would only wear. Also a notable appearance again by Klaw, the vibranium-obsessed scientist is in the movie (again) but only with one arm. That we all know it was amputated by Ultron in Age of Ultron.

Fans has really high hopes from this film that the bad-ass kitty will not disappoint us. Ok, DC Universe, your move!