Cry of the Rooster
Cry of the Rooster

This is a new horizon for me for all I know wad just open and close tags of HTML and PHP. Then I look around developing my craft and all, all I see is BLOGS everywhere. Blogs help me in my work and stuff, so this is my return to the industry that helps me survive in a very fast paced environment of WWW.

Then I go back in my childhood days, I was dreaming to be a writer of a movie or comics, I just want to write then and now I am writing for the whole world to see, for the whole world to know. This the passion I dreamed of. Although this is no comics or movie, this is me with my family.

But if for me this is my first entry, but to others they will never ever see that dashboard again.

The oldest blogger from “DOWN UNDER” died in the age of 108.In one of her entries in her blog entitle OLLIE-ENJOYS-THE-SUN: The First phrases

“Being older is the new being young.” Laura C. UK.
and as the blog entry progress there was an entry, I call it; Smile, Smile, Smile.

Thank you, God Bless your soul.

Full Story[BBC NEWS]


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