Philippine Status : High Upkeep

“Our country and our people have never failed to be there for us. Let us be there for them. Now,”

She admit it! Mrs. Arroyo admit that the people put him there and she must return the favor for her people in the Philippines. This is how she repay the people who put her in office, Poverty? SONA (State of the Nation Address) 2008 a report for the people to know the current status of the country. Well another “TELESERYE” the people, some watched and some just frustrated on what the President said.

President Gloria Arroyo

“As your President, I care too much about this nation…I will let no one, and no one’s political plans, get in the way of the well-being of the people. I will let no one hinder our people’s progress and prosperity. I will let no one threaten our nation’s survival. This is my commitment,”

Yeah right! You cared too much, you put all the citizens of the Philippines down. Prices are high, Rice which is the basic commodity can not afford by the poor (and even living in the middle class). Unemployed – Increased! VAT-retained!!!!! So where is the care to that?

Filipinos do not understand what she said in her recently ORCHESTRATED SONA, because they can not feel the care, the progress. Mrs. Arroyo is boasting about the .50 centavos cost for each text message but what is the use of that for those people who does not have mobile phones. Besides, it is not a government project after all, promo runs until OCTOBER 2008.

Why she keeps on making tales that Philippines is growing? It is hard to manage a country, It is a given fact long before she runs for the office. Mrs. Arroyo is like a kid playing a toy that she does not know!

Mrs. Arroyo Please read: Running a country for DUMMIES!

Good Day and let’s do something that makes sense!

God Bless!


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