Wordcamp Pass!!!

I got it the long wait is over now, I got my Wordcamp Pass. I like the design of the WordPress Philippines.

Here is the small shot of my pass!!!!!!

Wordcamp Camper's Pass
Wordcamp Camper's Pass

The sun is quite cool.

I printed it already, actually I made 2 for remembrance and I really want to brag about it. I am a camper now!!!!

In any organization there are always HOUSE RULES. Respect it or else you will be prosecuted by cute GUARDS in CSB.

There are house rules in CSB

4. There’s no venue that’s full of power outlets.. So we suggest you charge your gadgets the night before WordCamp.

5. Free Wi-Fi.. CSB’s Computer Business Association and the Association of Information Management will try their best to provide everyone with their wi-fi needs.

6. Wear something. You can wear your native dress if you like. Also, slippers/sandals are not allowed. It’s for the protection of your feet! =p

7. Be there early or on time… Just so we’ll start on time. yah now. Gates open at 8:00 AM

For more details click HERE

For all Campers Happy Blogging!


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