The Hush Sound

This band is introduced by YUKO UNO (so we call her) my office mate, I am searching to some new sound in my playlist. She is quiet in office and I wonder what is in her IPOD. Out of curiosity I play first BREAK THE SKY. It break my heart about a relationship that is about to end.

The Hush Sound
The Hush Sound

Hush Sound, has been 3 months in my playlist and MP3 player, and the sound like CABARET is just the suitable sound while cruising down the HIGHWAY.

I haven’t ventured much in the indie music scene, how they goes in the music industry, nowadays. But Hush Sound is a Gold mine of potential of creativity in notes and a smithing words to create a harmony liken they sound right now.



So Sudden – Not much treasure in here, just the TRACK – “THE ARTIST”

Like Vines – I hear this album it is like their playing. Kids in the playground.

Goodbye Blues – A sad but a very entertaining album, Good Job.

I do not like the GUY’s voice, the only tracks that I am interested in is AS YOU CRY! A very upbeat and jiggly. Another sad one, but a suitable track for the “new generation”. I am looking forward to hear this in any of the bands here in the Philippines.

Wine Red is the classic sound of CABARET. I really like this track the voice of the girl (GRETA) is a very good in this kind of music.

All in all it is not tiring to listen to. It is fun.



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