Angelic Voices – Vox Angeli Children’s Choir

Another victory in our Philippine Larynx ladies and gentlemen, The VOX ANGELI Children’s Choir (clap, clap, clap). A great victory off shore from the recently concluded Choir Contest in Hongkong.

The genre that they play is not actually my type of music, but it interests me is that behind our recent lost in the Olympics, a victory from Hongkong came home with a Gold. As a former choir member on my High School (not high school musical) I know how hard is to prepare on a contest (when I say its hard… its really hard).

What victory is to the members and the conductor of the group, snagging Gold in the Children’s choir category and bringing home the silver for the Folkloric category.

Vox Angeli Children's Group
Vox Angeli Children's Choir

They just shy of a point from the winner in the Folkloric category. Well having a gold in the Children’s Choir Category is such a big big blessing already and the silver will be just a bonus in the end.

The Angelic faces and voices of this choir group arrived here last Saturday AUG 23.

What a group that really have the opportunity to join the Olympics concert, plus the appearance of Superstar Jackie Chan appearing on the said event.

For the VOX ANGELI CHILDREN’S CHOIR GROUP – Good Job and God Bless!

No chocolates for you guys, it is bad for the throat!


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