Cheers to Our 1st year Anniversary!

SEPT 4 – A triumph for our love, a triumph of our lives, victory I may say, victory it will be, A fell in love with a Rose, that blooms in my heart. It is only the first year of our Wedding anniversary, marriage life is more to offer, challenges that may test our love and trust with each other, testing the depth of passion that we have for each other and temptations that will test our instincts as humans.

God has blessed this relationship so much, Financially, Spiritually, Physically and Intellectually. Almost all aspects of our lives is blessed with love of God, a kindness that we can not find to any living soul that we know.

Thank you Lord for the blessings and trials that we encounter and You always on our back when our burden is heavy and shower us with love and grace when we need it. You always knock in our doorsteps when we try a different path and always guide us home. You always touch our hearts with the people we meet, even to complete strangers that we meet.

You always been good even when we are doing the worst things. Guiding us through out our marriage, that SOCIAL WORKERS do not tell us! Amen

We are blessed with friends that care for us, that accepted our situation right now and we thank you guys! Cheers!

Loving Rosenelle is such an adventure everyday, it is always new, it is always fresh, it always the first time. I thank my partner for being there for me, when I am up she is there for me, and when I am down she is helping me to get up and learn from that mistake. She taught me how to care for the people, emotions, efforts and things that I get along the way.

This is just the start of something big in the future, and the start is always the sweetest and we should maintain that sweetness for the rest of our lives. Life is tough for us starters but with Him, everything is equal, no matter how small, how big, flat or hollow it doesn’t matter. For as long you believe in Him there is no impossible.

I hope this relationship will last and next in line is the CHURCH WEDDING!

Have a nice day! Enjoy and God Bless.


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