I Was There!!! : Wordcamp Philippines 2008

The First Wordcamp in ASIA!!! Wordcamp Philippines 2008, held in the COLLEGE of SAINT BENILDE. The day started young for the organizers of this momentous occassion. The Meralco meter started to roll, as the air condition is powered in the theatre of the College, the lights, and the projectors was heated to test everything is working as smooth as possible. When we came in the venue, they still arranging the tarp of the event in the curtains of the theatre in the 5th floor of the building. Then they flash in the WALLPAPER of the WORDCAMP Philippines, which I have in my office desktop!

First Stop on my day in the CAMP is about the Creation of Templates in WordPress by Gail Villanueva. The girl in a jacket of ATENEO DE MANILA with her all-time sidekick her YELLOW PAD, explains how we can customize our WordPress Blogs. Which show on her BLOG a very cute blog I must say (but a very itchy theme).

Then next I attended the REBEL PIXEL himself Markku Seguerra that explains taught us how to create our PLUGINS in WORDPRESS. The cherry on top of the discussion is his own plugin that STRIPS! not the X Rated one, but the TECHIE kind of stripping. It removes the link on a comment. Why? its because sometimes comments are irrelevant to the real meaning of the POST! = ) believe me there are a lot of irrelevant comments out there.

The last that I attended is the talk with Mr. Danny Arao (clap! clap! clap!) This guy is good. I think I describe him enough. It was an interesting talk, it is all about ethics. Ethics are ok, in a certain extent that in the long run, you still exercise what your blog is all about. Still the content should based on facts and grammatically correct but does not suppress your view to what is the real score behind an article. A very good speaker I like him from all the speakers, but I prefer the Rebel. I got a lot from that guy.

After that interesting morning came lunch sponsored by CHOWKING, a lauriat sums up the day with a cupcake from SPOT.PH. I am “PATAY NA BATA” in the whole day, because I am listening to the topics. (cliche)

Then the most interesting part is at hand after that delicious lunch. Down came Mr. WordPress Matt Mullenweg! (clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!)  The delicious main man of WordPress.com is *hawt.

Then came the Ms. Google Earth, Mr. Raquedan, form PERFORMANCING ADS! I.ph and a presentation from Ms. Ria or Rea Jose? (she talked also in Y4it) about the contest of CEBU PACIFIC!

Then the day end with a blast with our GOODIE BAGS from WORDCAMP!

See you all Next Year!


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