Web designers Dilemma: “Your STYLE” or for Clients Style?

From a recent post of ABDUZEEDO, dicussed on the designers challenges on how they can succeed in the graphic design industry. From his point of succeeding having an owned style in designing is not the only way to go, but to be known having one is a good starting point. Which for me I agree, its not the only way to go up, its just I am confused what is his meaning in terms with success and to be known. For me to be know is my success, monetary is just secondary on what I want in life. Cliche, with all this economic bumps and turmoils around the world, there are people still believe that “BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE”.

Having your own style, is your previledge of having a color, an RGB of your own. You are not gray or yellow-orange you are someting like #7F1FFF or #F71ACC which is unique. With the skills to interpret what the client wants plus injecting of something on your own is the hard part a designer can experience, which where I am right now! Right now, I launched many website of all sorts of niches in the industry, and the designs are approved with no hesitations but having my own style is my greatest frustration.

Style is who you are. I don’t care if my designs are rejected by some clients, It’s ME! I can not make something that its not coming from ME! Clients will be always clients, but your only one if you design for these people without the essence of you in an image that you submit, who are you now?

For me the importance of having your own style is a signature in every artwork that you make for somebody.The taste of the clients vary from time to time maybe because of the business factors that is why they want a new style every year. But your design its immortal with you, evolves from time to time but embedded on every lines and colors is your soul! Its you on the canvass.

If you are a designer do you design for clients? or for your audience? Not all clients are your audience, some clients hire a designer because they are thrilled with his works but not looking into what this designer designs for?


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