That’s Entertainment Plurk Day!

What a day in the PLURK! Its been profile changing ALL AROUND! The starter MANOLET RIPOL, started in a question, What is your favorite That’s Entertainment star? The question become contagious and begin to spread across plurk! The rest is beginning to change their profile, sharing pictures of the THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT STARS!

Me started plurking as JIGO GARCIA! a matinee idol on his time, now a character in PLURK! The day come up to be hilarious to the maximum level ng bonggang-bonga! Ofcourse as addictive as before…. You can not resist to reply to the hilarious discussion about the rise and falls of the old stars and where are they doing right now!

Even I have deadlines… well I did not meet them actually but I still have until tomorrow to finish everything! Thanks to plurk! I am in deep trouble!


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