My Newest Toy: Sony DSC-S730

Me and my wife, just bought a SONY DSC-S730 last Saturday, well we are happy about the purchase. We almost got the 12k worth of camera because the guy in the store gave us the wrong variety of that series. Well my daughter has crumpled the MANUAL of that item (very wrong). Well its good enough for us couple that we have a digital camera in the house, to capture those golden moments of my daughter.


7.2 MP is the suitable range for our photo frenzies, plus its lightweight, compact and very easy to use. The interface in the 2.4 inch LCD is enough to slide out those captured moments.

We got a promo, when we bought the camera, we can choose if we can be discounted 1k from the original price, or a gift voucher that has a whopping surprise for us! A 1 gig external memory…. is that a great deal with a free pouch!!! We choose pink because the majority is a female (my wife and my daughter… majority wins).

I will launch our pictures in our FLICKR page.


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