On The Highchair: SAOSIN

What the best blog about is about my wife’s favorite song, You’re not Alone by no other than SAOSIN!!! clap! clap! What so special? Because she is a Computer Engineer hates Radioactive Sago Project, hates too loud music and the best part my wife is a faculty on a local College here in Antipolo! So I put them on the Highchair, What is this SAOSIN band about?


The band is from California, formed in 2003 described by their melodic guitar riffs and funky sound. Saosin marks the music scene as emo and screamo by others! Lead by their vocalist Cove Reber, this talented band released their full-length Album after their Warped Tour in 2006.

Then came You’re not Alone from their album Soasin on 2007. My wife always play this melodic emo, depicts a hope that there is something coming for the better, and you always have someone to be there whenever you are in trouble.

I am the one that introduce this song to her, and from there she always play it all the time she turns on our MP3 player!

That deserves, Soasin to be on our Highchair!


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