Royal Treatment for Bolante

Manila – Philippines, Jocjoc Bolante returned in a bang. In a stretcher to the St. Lukes Medical Center. Well, is this an aliby to cook more lies while resting in the hospital? Well, that we don’ t know, but I hope he get well soon.

Jocelyn Bolante
Jocelyn Bolante

While transferring to his room, many of the St. Lukes’ patients that had waited for how many hours or days in the hospital just to get a room, is still left in the lobby.

I hope he really get well soon, to answer all the queries of the Philippine people. The farmers need justice to the P700 million of fertilizer fund that they do not know where it goes.

By the way? Why St. Lukes? Government should have a fixed location to all who are under investigation, that is sick. There are aΒ  lot of government hospitals, and the Filipino people will be the one to pay that hospital bills? So that’s where our taxes goes and our rotten waiting shade is just waiting for a fix.

It is a very sad that the government is still blind to this “BULOKRACY”.

I hope the farmers will have justice and the senate hearing will end in favor with the truth!!!

Blessed be!


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