Emo: Music, Lifestyle or Hairstyle

“Emo is a pile of shit” I quoted from Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance from a famous (not necessarily reliable but famous) resource site.  Statement from a band that has been accused of being “EMO”.

70s Punk
70's Punk

From I interpret it, its a state of being, its more than a genre, its more than a music, lifestyle or a hairstyle, which Filipinos misinterpreted. Its how you shout your angst, how you shout your feelings and coming up with something that is from your heart from your EMO-tions.

Qouted:”EMO is a genre of music that originated from hardcore punk and later adopted pop punk influences when it became mainstream in the US.”

Filipino Teens: Misconception of EMO

Emos is a  Hairstyle: Definitely NO!!! It is included in the idea of being an emo but emo is not a hairstyle.

Emo as a Fashion: NO! because fashion is already there since 70’s punk!!!


See the Great Sir David Bowie, the hairstyle.

See the 70’s punk band, still the concept is there, the filipinos are just exaggerating the concept.

I am not an emo but there are persons I know who listens to the music but still on normal dresses.


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