A Lousy Solution from GLOBE Wireless

Well, well ISP after ISP our office in Antipolo is WI-FIed by Globe, but what’s this are we hacked by this IP: and this The issue here is I am viewing to a website with a LOW-RES image. Why? They compress the file so that the speed will be OK. A very lousy solution, to speed up the downloading of a site?

Compressed Globe Logo!
Compressed Globe Logo!

First, we thought that our video card is busted, we checked and troubleshoot it its working perfectly fine. Then we suspect that the browsers, but not! Then we researched it over the net and BOOM!!! The culprit? GLOBE!!! clap! clap! clap! (more links from a very negative article!)

Beware if you’re ISP is GLOBE beware and this a stupidity and “IN YOUR FACE” Cheating to all subscribers! So Beware.

You are paying whole but delivering a bad service


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