Advent: Wait, Be Prepared, Receive

Advent is coming and we all waiting for the day when our saviour is born, or is it not? We are waiting for the 13th month, 14th month etc… preparation of gifts… presentation and to be merry on christmas parties in the metro. We forgot what is the celebration of CHRISTMAS is for?

Jesus, Joseph and Mary
Jesus, Joseph and Mary

It will be only the time of year to be merry, spirituality, mentally and physically. God, giving us a chance to prepare ourselves to be a better person for the coming year. He gave us 4 weeks to prepare which in catholic calendar, “THE ADVENT”.

WAIT – Waiting is patience, this is the preparation of our heart, to wait for his coming.

BE PREPARED – Repentance is one way to be prepared, when was your last confession? Its very important at least once a year or twice a year that you have your confession, its also to cleanse you conscience for all the bad things we have done.

RECEIVE – Receive God in your heart it is where he was born in our hearts. In Christmas is your heart prepared whenever they knocks.

Will you let God enter your heart this Christmas?


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