Manny Pacquiao: Second to none

It was concluded, Manny Pacquiao is still the winner. Las Vegas is the battle ground and everybody is hasty to watch the most awaited “DREAM MATCH”. Mexican and Filipinos gather around and get their seats to the boxing ring to have a clear view on what will happen over that lonely and squarish death bowl.

Then the two boxers went to the ring, First is Manny then the The Golden Boy Oscar De la Hoya (obviously I am biased to the MEXICAN even I am a Filipino). The ultimate voice of Michael Buffer and the announcement of the start of the match begins.

De La Hoya
De La Hoya

Round1 – This round is quite, subtle but De la Hoya already perspiring even he first step out on the ring. De La Hoya started hasty to connect a knuckle on Manny, but failed.

Round2 and 3 – The rounds were still for Manny and The Golden boy connects to the thin air Manny creates whenever he do hes footwork.

Round 4 – Still with Manny in tremendous speed, Manny connects on the face of the golden boy with ease as he enters the blind spots of the legendary GOLDEN BOY.

Round 5 and 6 – Still the Gold is not shining to De La Hoya. The Philippines is already celebrating for the victory. Right now Manny is blazing fast and all of his jabs are now connecting too. He cornered the Golden Boy but the tired arms of De la Hoya is used for guarding for more serious damage done by Pacquiao.

Round 7 – The crowd is tensed and excited, what mystery surrounds De La Hoya, Is this the Oscar we expect? The swollen eyes of De La Hoya handicaps him to the blazing fast move of the PACMAN.

Round 8 – His large reach is not helping the Golden Boy, even his EXPERIENCE SUPERIORITY is not a factor in this bout. Its all in the age, the tired boxers are now fighting for the last remaining rounds of the night. But the PACMAN is still full of energy, and like the file footage of the PACMAN on his PRACTICE sets in the GYM, enjoying himself and just going on with his footworks.

Round 9 – DE LA HOYA resigns!!!! Pacman wins.

Then the BLAHS of the people, Hurray Pacman!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!! I heard you!!!

This article will close with the saying “THE FILIPINO won again” and again and again…. Its lonely on the TOP! I hope MANNY will continue to BOX and be defeated the natural way. Its not that I want to lose the Philippines… No! of course I am happy… but its too obvious on the match!



One thought on “Manny Pacquiao: Second to none

  1. All that i could see in the bout was that manny kept connecting his lefts and rights on De La Hoya’s face where as the Golden Boy was busy swinging his fists in the air… he looked so worn out and tired….. Poor Thing! Visit and you will see how clinical was Manny in his approach!

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