The reality behind the song: PARTRIDGE

On the First day of Christmas my TRUE LOVE sent to me, A partridge in a pear tree!

A familiar song this Christmas entitle,  “12 days of Christmas”. Ever since a child we sing this song a million times even its pronunciation is quite bad, FURTRIDTZ, FLOURTRITS, FARTIDS, etc., and the meaning of that word is still mystery to me. What the hell is that word? After many years of curiosity and ALAS! I know what it is.


A partridge a bird native to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East!

In regard with their natural habitat, they are not mostly seen on pear trees just like on the song.


Partridges are mostly found in moors, wasteland, and sand dunes.

They were in the family of Phasianidae, includes pheasants and partridges.

Right there, My childhood mystery of the partridge is a FACT! for further readings.





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