The Church Bells Started Singing

This day the church bells started to invite us again to prepare our hearts for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the old tradition of the MISA DE GALLO! Injected by Spaniards, Misa de gallo is a novena which consists of 9 consecutive days of MASS started in 4 o’clock in the morning.

Meaning for the Young-at-Heart

This is the spiritual preparation of the person to receive GOD on his birthday. This is the time where the year-round sins will be cleansed (by confessing) and have a moment with your creator to talk on how are you this year? This is the way of the elders to give thanks for the blessings all year round.

Meaning for the Teens

This is the time that they can aliby of being out in the streets late. 4’oclock am is still dark and its still like a night outside and the teenagers are like vampires, hiding their selves in the dark.

For the teens this is not “simbang-gabi” this is “simbang-tabi” if they have a crush wether its a girl or boy for that matter, Misa De Gallo is 9 days of consecutive dates and on the ninth day the wish will come true they GOT WHAT THEY WANT it’s quite disappointing that the meaning of this event for them is to get laid and to have boyfriends/girlfriends.

Meaning for Kids

This is where they can wear their new clothes and be hip in the same time. To some this is the time where their sleeps will be disturbed.

This is the time where you can give thanks to God and to apologize to all what you have done on the past years and to be more productive and be a better person next year.

Let’s attend Misa De gallo in the right reasons in a right point of view.
See you in the CHURCHES!


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