What to Expect in 2009?

I am a bit late for this New Year’s blog, still a lot of my time is occupied by work, family and the new personal projects which will be laucnhing very soon.

Predictions, predictions, predictions and personal feel on what to expect in 2009.


There is a growing kid – I am father and the message is clear, she is growing and she is looking up to you as a father. Being a father is a very tough job so I should be looking on my actions and think first before I speak because it just migh make or break me.

You have someone beside you – Last year is a mirror what’s more to come in the coming year and last year is just on the problematic times where everyone is adjusting. This year should be more careful on the descisions. Being impulsive on the second time around is not an alibi anymore.

Friends and Connections – Friends (RIGHT FRIENDS) are your shock absorbers in your family life, you will need quality friends more than ever.

In this world of  SOCIAL MEDIA connections, this is a great time to connect with new friends online, that loves what you love.

New Projects on what you want to Achieve – Do what you love! Start it now! Projects are there to challenge you on what you want to achieve in your chosen field. This year should be the year for everyone to excel with all of the happening around the world doing what you love is the last positive thing you will have. (+ family + your baby)


New website – My family website, well I promised it last year to my wife, well I admit that I broke it so I should finish it withing this month. My goodness

Projects – I am looking to publishing or print, I love shirt and you love shirt and I like prints!

Upgrade – Upgrade to my knowledge and arsenal, being a web developer is no joke. Web is a jungle and not having an identity on your will be just a fly on a spider web. Be a web of your own and not tapping other peoples web.

This are my personal goals in 2009 and hope you found something in this article thanks.



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