Manny Pacquiao : The Face of the Coin

It’s a good year good all Manny Pacquiao, He got a baby girl! Clap!!! Clap!!! Congratualtions, to Baby Queen Elizabeth welcome to the world.

After the “Dream Match” with De La Hoya the main question is “Who’s Next?”


Is Hatton or Mayweather? There are rumors that will be Hatton since he is the one who first invited Manny. Also there are rumors that there is a chance that Pacquiao – Hatton Match will be moved to a later date to give way to Mayweather, but why?

Pacquiao’s Team is not agreeing with Hatton’s offer. Pacquiao’s team want it to be 60 – 40 but Hatton team wants it 50 – 50. To where this agreement will go, still we should find out in the coming days.

But why decline the offer its just because of money? I thought whenever Manny is in the ring, the Filipino people  is with him, or is it BENJAMIN is with him.

Boxing is not for the honor of the Philippines anymore eh?! Is for the Money involved.

This will be an interesting fight and I hope it push through in the coming years.


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