Web : “Project Calc”

You are a freelance eh?! you have no idea to what is the price to what module you will be developing.

Worry No More! “Eureka!” from ASUTEO.COM

The Web Development Project Estimator

This a Tool to help, web designers and Developers to how much will be your pricing in your own pace and rate.

Web Estimator
Web Estimator

just enter the hours, that will be your timeframe yourself and enter the rate or the price for the effort that you exert on that task.

Then the Estimator will calculate itself according to the input you put in and same as the proceeding tasks the estimator will add this and have totaled for you. As simple as that! or you can get your old SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR or your Accounting SOFTWARE.

There you have it the Web Estimator. Happy Developing.


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