Browser Games are more Addicting than MMO

Have you played any games from ZYNGA? Like Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars, Fashion Wars and Poker or any from MINDJOLT like DOWNHILL SNOWBOARD?

I think these games are more addicting than RF or any other MMO games. There is no special what so ever on the game but its just addicting. There are one of my clan members that research for the hack of it in FACEBOOK, WTH! The addicting part of it, I think is that you see the result immediately of your hardship, but I think that fast fades away, once you know how to play it the sensation of it fades but when you discover to kill or beat other players you will gain that sensation again, you are hooked once again. Every you unlock items and found rares, you again be hooked and brag about it.

The cycle will repeat and repeat and become addicted to it. These games has nicotine of some sort, E-NICOTINE! Well WTH, it depends on your tolerance to be not too addicted to it, but what ever its worth, in the end of the day its all worth it, besides you already enjoyed! Have Fun


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