A Movie Review: Push

Chris Evans

I should blogging this last FEB 14. Me my wife is deciding what to watch for that special day ahem! Of course its Valentines Day.

We are deciding from a action and a funny movie on our local MOVIE HOUSE. Then I saw a poster of a man with swirling force around him, then I remember a preview of that movie, and its PUSH that we watched! Starred by Chris Evans the star from FANTASTIC FOUR, Human Torch, in PUSH he is Nick Gant a Mover. A second-generation telekinetic hiding from the division of the government that uses talented people to create a super army of soldiers that has super special powers.

The movie really started a bit slow, but when Dakota Fanning gets into the picture, the life of Nick starts with a huge twirls and swirls! Then a beautiful Kira Hudson portrayed by Camille Belle, jumps in to the story, the complicated life of Nick become more interesting.

The hunt for the only girl that survive the serum is on! The HEART-THUMPING chase is on then only trick to dismantle a gangster and a division is by flash cards.

The movie is a really a must see for all ages, Dakota Fanning is really HOT on this movie! She’s skinny but still you can see the potential!


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