Design Web Beautifully

From the post in XATAL.COM, he has a list of web design galleries in the web and as I browse the list, which I actually start at the bottom of the list, and saw this link in the top (actually it sits on the top spot).

Beautifully webdesign is the one that stunned me, besides being on top well the presentation is such an elegant view to see.

I like the most here in this site is the large gallery of images done by web designers around. The simplistic gray tone gives more impact to the colorful submissions of the authors of the pages.

It has also a gallery below that showcase the most rated webpages in their list.

The parts that I do not like ofcourse for me is the GOOGLE ADS, its just disturbing on the center and the cheezy navigation on the right of the page. but for the rest its beautifully done.


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