What is your Faith made of?


Faith, its a hard word to believe in, but its the basic thing why you are breathing and why you believe there is air and the wind. Faith, is something that can be considered as “you just know” phenomenon. You just know because you believe on that something or someone that you know that there’s a positive that will occur. Or is it that the positive that you want for your own gain? That’s a different story. The point here is believing to the one you love or to a certain idea that you believe in because you have faith.

Faith to some are dreams of the poor, I am a designer but still I am living in somewhat we call slums in a religious city in the Philippines and faith is all we have. Dreams are for ambitious that has everything and still want something more, more than that he has. Faith seems to be for the not so fortunate ones, is the rope that holds its sanity that tomorrow will be a better day. This is just how I picture faith for others, or specifically differentiate it between dreams.

But where is it with the title? What’s your faith made of? If it is a rope what thread, or wood it is from? What are the components inside that we call faith? I was brought up in a very religious family, my mother for instance is very active in the church, a choir, a servant and a prayer warrior. I was raised in a conservative environment and culture. As I gain knowledge I learn ideas and principle that was influenced by my parents, most specially my mother that raised me almost 3/4ths of my life. She taught me to believe in things that God will make a way! In the grace of God we will survive. As I grew i acquire this principle that strengthen my faith. I was thought to be patient, and trust on people and trust on something that I love. Which I acquire as I grew old, right now I am towards the point that I would breakdown but I have faith on my self and my family and specially God. I know God will protect us and God will guide us on the right way. Faith teaches me to believe and just believe and the captain will take charge of it just have faith!

So if you are in a very difficult situation what will you do? Tired of what you are doing, where do you rest? Stop, look up, He will give you rest. That’s faith!


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