Its Been A While

Well its really been a long time since I last blog here, its been a while when I visit my social thingy in the internet. Job Hunting keeping me busy and as I progress my search for that job is still a test of patience. Life has been great for me and so seeking for that “dream job” is just a spice of what’s more in the IT Indsutry.

For the past weeks I’ve been searching it has been so constantly still and then just this past few days I am really that busy searching, and getting calls from the companies I tried to applied for.

Hopefully, calls become interviews and eventually get hired. It has been an experience already, of rejection and a lot of times frustrations. But there is one thing is for sure, if you have your job love it and you will never be working for the rest of your life.

Also in the times like these I learn to appreciate more of my family. How precious is the family that I have. My daighter, my wife and in-laws I really appreciate the time that I spent with them in this past few weeks.

Right now, I am too comfortable I like to have an office to stay in now. Well for all jobseekers!

Happy Hunting


3 thoughts on “Its Been A While

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  2. I understand clearly all of the comments here. It seems RUSSIANS loves my post. TO SPAM or not TO SPAM thank you!!!

    Please speak in English

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