The ZEN Way : Importance of the Internal Goal

What exactly your goals are? Where does it points you? From Zen Habits, The 5 Percent Trick: Finding Passion and Purpose in Life, I just want to emphasize, the internal goal. What I am explain here is purely according to my opinion on how it is to my definition, on how goals are defined based on my experiences.

Let us first define what is goal? Goal, for me is something from within me that I want to achieve for myself, me and myself alone. Goal is more personal that you can think its really coming from the inside. If a goal is something from the outside, what if there will be a time that something will be gone or something went wrong, what happened to your goal? It will be gone together with that object.

For example: You want a new job. Ask yourself why. Perhaps a higher salary, or to get away from a nasty employer? What then? An easier work environment or more free time. What then? What will you have? And simply repeat this process until you can’t get any more answers. Almost always, you will find that what you are left with is an internal goal.

Why is that the internal goal that always left? Is it because the end of every success is the one that makes you happy and what makes you satisfied without regrets. A famous story talks about what I am saying.

There was a big city businessman who once went on holiday to a faraway beach. One day he walked past a local fisherman who was lazing around, with his fishing rod in the water, enjoying the sun and a beer.The city man’s mind went to work immediately. The fishing spot was a gold mine, and a serious fishing business would thrive in the area. “Why are you so stupid?” he asked the fisherman. “Get some boats, hire some extra hands, and in a few years you will turn your little shop into a million-dollar business!”

The local man asked him. “And what would you do once you have a million dollars?”

The city man stared back blankly. “Why, I would have so much free time I could sit around in the sun all day and drink beer!”

A person can be financially lost, but still can be a extremely happy and satisfied person. The point here is within your heart what will satisfies your heart?


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