Less Productivity and Increase Quality

I am fan of zen habits and on how Leo give his tips in being simple. Well it just struck me on his newest post and moved me in the way he presented his point of being less is more. Many blogs about productivity and how to increase it but this time around it will be the opposite.

The main point of the Post is that focus on the quality of your craft and not on the quantity. It doesn’t matter weather you are slow in your craft  but in the end you will change how the people will think of  you.

Great things doesn’t come in big sizes or large amount of quantity, its on the quality of work, how flawless is your end product.

The idea of being less productive especially in the corporate world is really hard. Change to this kind of idea is also slow process. Think first what you can do in the future not the people around you that will think what kind of work you have right now.


In the end you will decide the product of your hard work. Hard work is not a bad idea but Working smart is a better solution for the larger impact of your work.


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