Introduction: What if God Was One of Us?

This past few days, our country faced a great trial in our lives, this is Typhoon Ondoy. This is the one deadliest typhoon ever passed Philippine shores. Coming from behind, Typhoon Ondoy surprised many to its non-stop rains.


Over the years, typhoon Ondoy surpassed a record of Typhoon Yuling in 1972. Statistics shows that an average rainfall for the whole month of September is 391.7 millimeters but Ondoy dropped 341 millimeters for just 6 hours only. As a witness to the catastrophe, this is the first time I experienced myself 8 feet hight flood waters in Pasig. We are near Pasig river and its a given fact that we will be the first to be flooded but this is different. Up to Ortigas Avenue, the flood is 6-8 feet tall. I am one of the many lucky people to be safe in our home in Antipolo, experiencing only 1/16th of the majority of my love ones experienced.

Luck or just God gave me a purpose to this. Maybe he is the one answered our call when we are calling GMA7 for assistance. You can’t tell, or maybe he let us cut to the phone line to be able to reach our relatives in Pasig. My mother is missing but maybe he is the “CALMING-EFFECT” that says “Don’t worry too much”. What if God can tell us all of these all in our faces, maybe we can be calm that all of these will be over soon, Just Trust on Me.

Why does this happened to us? Is it really Global Warming? or is it just a knock on the door that tell us “please let me in”. Its more than just an environmental warning, its more than just a catastrophe, a tragedy? or maybe a lesson to all of us? What is God message to this? That I didn’t know, for me its too early to tell. I am grateful that God given us strength to all of these trials, to all of these simple lessons in life. God give us ways on how we can be re-united with Him again, with His great Family of Love, His Christian Family.

Let us pray for those who are still in the evacuation centers that they will still have a better tomorrow. In the situation like these let us join hands and help others who are in grief and in vain.

Websites Where You Can Send Help

  1. Sagip Kapamilya
  2. Bayanijuan
  3. Kapuso Foundation

Filipinos need their Brothers right now! So help, even the tiniest effort could make a long way for those who are in need.


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