A Windows 7 Expedition: Fast, Elegant and Inconsistencies

Windows 7 is finally on my fingertips, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate version. It was a smooth transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 it was just about roughly 30 minutes of installation time and it was not a boring installation. It was excitement all throughout, the subtle loading lights, the swirls, the GUI and the crystal interface! The huge time difference between the installations of grand fathers is a real deal for those who are bored on the DOS type interface of installation.

I am not an expert in reviewing a software, but I observed the behaviour of these untamed beast for at least a month now, I also want to emphasize that this is not a complaint but as a complimentary review.


PROS – Blazing fast or maybe I am just on a fast machine. Compared to its old ancestor, it is faster and it is not boring to watch the progress bar.  No need for w

CONS – On the installation process though you picked the “Install a Fresh New Copy” of the system the installation process does not format the partition where you will put the new Operating system, the old Operating System is on Windows.old folder outside the System Folders of the new OS.

I haven’t noticed this until my co-worker noticed that the partition where he installed the new OS is almost full then he looked on the DRIVE the old files are still there.


PROS- Still the loading of each Application is fast, since I am a web developer I installed the browsers and it’s quick and lighter to load. I install XAMPP and an ADOBE Master Collection everything is done in no time. On a particular application like Fireworks I experience that when I worked for long hours I experience lagging in the application. In 3-4 hours time I have no lag what so ever (maybe 5-8 hours of running time).

CONS- Since it is new, it is always expected! For Photoshop, ever since it is installed on my machine it does not respond whenever I close the program. As expected I IIS is so hard to configure (uber) luckily I am a PHP guy. One more point, it diagnose itself, it hunts the problem and solve it by himself. I like to tweak my system and figure the problem myself. If you are a guy like me you will understand why I put this on CONS.


Pros- Superb interface, the crystal-glass (glass-crystal) transparency is clean to the eyes and elegant. The blurring of the application on the background is subtle and very clever to emphasize the active window.

CONS- I installed the OS on a CRT monitor, and when I put the LCD it’s like a jungle, but I configured it just right!


Although I am a PHP guy I still have to understand some things in ASP.NET, ASP.NET is a product of MICROSOFT but luckily I cannot use it on Windows 7 (if you have a solution please let me know). There is always an error after one page, resolve then another problem comes up!

On visual studio 2005 there is still compatibility issues, I downloaded the solution suggested by the system then I install it, then another compatibility issue comes up! Maybe the visual studio that I have is too old, but still I am more comfortable to use it and I have no problems using it!

Bugs, compatibility issues and errors are there to improve the system so I am still keeping the OS. I am satisfied so far with this piece of BILL GATES cerebra. Despite of the incompatibilities on most of the available games software around I still give this software a 8 out of 10 rating!


2 thoughts on “A Windows 7 Expedition: Fast, Elegant and Inconsistencies

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