The Fight is off

This year is a very blessed year for all of us Filipinos, CNN HERO, International Recognitions and the “Man” of the Filipinos, Manny Pacquiao. A great fight with Miguel Cotto is such a blessing, though there are some unfortunate heroes on the float.

Pound after pound after pound and their careers just disappeared, but there these loud mouth guys just don’t get it. If you are a fighter of honor, you will step on that ring and fight. Well I think this guy is a chicken, I just thought he is unbeatable but he was beaten by his own self. I can’t blame him Pacquiao is just a better boxer than he is.

Which fight is better? You won even if you’re opponent cheats you or you lose without stepping into the ring. He is a big mockery of the boxing industry, all of his mouth backfired back to his own boxing shorts, or maybe just hiding on his “DADDY’s” shorts.

Well “PACMAN” will always be ready for that guy,  I do not want to mention his name he will be just a stain in my blog.


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