365 Prayers: An activity for the Family

Last night while talking with my wife about everything, an idea strung up on my brain cells and I remembered the concept from Smashing Magazine. This is to make a design every day, just come up of something just design. Well I thought if we can make something that will have bearing with our lives and that’s through communicating with God through prayers.

I and my wife will have a prayer for the family for the whole year we will write it on a diary, it can be simple, short or long depending on what is your concept of prayer. The idea of the prayer should be selfless; yes it can be for the family but not for self.

This activity is to have relationship, maybe not strong enough (who can measure it anyways but thru daily experience), to have a link to the creator that never stops in loving us all.

I invite all of you to join us with this obligation of faith that this year and the coming years more and more people will give thank and pray to God selflessly.


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