The Tribe has spoken: A President

Noynoy Aquino
The Young Aquino

Is this the democracy of the Filipinos? Or is it just the start for something awful? With all the votes has been casted, the votes are still counting for the incoming president of the Republic of the Philppines. Senator Noynoy , the son of the former president Cory Aquino. Does his expertise is enough to make the republic work? Despite of the allegations that he has this instability, the people trusted Noy to be the answer to the problems of this country. Is he the Hope of the Masses? Or is it another liability to think of?

The good to the voting process many has stayed in their precincts despite of the delay plus the fact that it’s scorching hot in the precincts they stood and cast their vote. Is it really the conscience or still the influence of the leader of certain sects really guided the people. The Filipinos are not like the Filipinos before they will vote to the person that has direct help to his life. Filipinos are result oriented in terms with the candidates they will choose.

For what is worth and to where he will take us it’s the risk that we are taking. I still believe that you cannot entrust your whole life to a person. You are your own captain; God is your only compass in this wavy life of yours.

Let’s support the incoming president maybe there is something better out of this, hopefully. God bless the Philippines and the whole nation


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