The Time of TV5


The station wars are still at its peak more than ever now! As a new player is in town and it has fangs and claws to slash the monotony of the two giant stations. The talents are fresh (maybe not too fresh), with a touch of professionalism. TV5 become the repository of those who needed a break that doesn’t make it much in the giants plus the mixture of the veterans from the two giants is such an interesting bunch. Seeing them again in TV the old-school style is such nostalgic but still entertaining at the same time. The renovation of the station is slow and quick at the same time. You just wake up one morning you’re viewing SAPUL already with LOURD DE VEYRA and you just got home from work and you are watching LOKO MOKO HIGH and 5 Max Movies. You will get hooked on the their original show format with the old school antics of the veteran artist coming from different channels

TV5 now is really doing a good job in the entertainment department and slowly they are catching up. Honestly I am more entertained on their humor right now. Since their talents are not into the mainstream I am pretty sure that the viewers are looking for new ways to be entertained and newer faces to do the job. Especially now that “CHANGE” is the trend it is the “IT” word now, so TV5 give it a shot and it clicked but for how long. From the scandals

of the mainstream entertainers in the two giant channels I am pretty sure that TV5 will gain more viewers every day. Coming from behind TV5 is slowly running up the raise to the top, from the ups and downs of the mainstream stations they will surely be a hit in the coming days.


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