Game Dev: Is it worth the Risk?

Game Development

These are the times where I felt so “unwanted” I have been in the web industry for quite a while but this is not the type of job that I wanted to pursue. It’s fun but seriously not my cup of tea, or maybe I am not interested at this time. I am really curious on how games are developed but at the moment I am badly need an upgrade on what I have learned so far. It’s good to learn something new but I really wanted to have advance knowledge on topics that I wanted to focus on the moment. I am already overwhelmed on the things that I wanted to learn, and now I will be forced to work on a topic that so out of my league. It is just sad on my part that I have to do this because it is assigned on my job. Developing games is not like a website, it is not like a hobby, it is a huge process and too many details to fill in. It is not that it’s booming around the IT industry it is already easy to create.

Right now, I will just give it a try for the moment and I will just satisfy myself that I tried! If I did come up with a game then good, if not then I will just cry in the corner. Time is what I am risking here and my sanity on what I really am or maybe I am just discovering who I really am? To what future holds God only knows for as long my family is at my back I think I didn’t lost something but gain more. There is nothing to be afraid so I will just step one forward until we reach the end of the bridge. Let’s see what is in store for us.

I will post the game here and the BETA testing here.


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