A Freelance Life of A Fulltime Dad

It has been a month, when I started again my freelancing for certain clients. It’s a different feeling to have extra money besides from the compensation that I receive on my fulltime job. My clients really like my work but recently I disappoint myself. It’s for a supplement company, and my layout just come out short and confusing to the client.

I am lucky enough to feel that I have a loyal client that let me do my stuff and let me be while working, no pressures, no whatever. This trait of the client really works for me, I am just concerned about someone who is slow in understanding what happens to a button? Or to A FORM or to where a page is going after a link clicked, there are also disadvantages.

  • Wasted Time – If your client let you do your stuff with a specific instruction that is very vague for the development team, this could be a problem in the end. He will just comment all over again without the understanding on what is really behind a website.
  • Wasted Designs – Since he lets you be with just an instruction “That would make me WOW”, it is really hard to where is your benchmark to what will make him WOW!
  • Never-ending Revision – Clients will let you to design 3 layouts for his website. When you will convert it to HTML they will add up function then subtract some detail and a result will be ugly.
  • Revisions con Update – Updates that appears to be Revision.

These are just some examples, hopefully I remain my position but my mortal body won’t allow me. I am slowly deteriorating following some planets TIMEZONE. It’s really hard, but I need to be hired.

Right Now, there are two projects on queue; hopefully I can finish it by an hour. Whew I hope I will have an overtime form to pay how much I dedicate my mortality for a project.

Now I am not taking any vitamins to prevent me from being sick, eventually I should have one.


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