Life is a “Piece of Cake!”

Tajanlangit Family

It’s a much unexpected delay caused by sore eyes, thanks to the continuous global warming, sore eyes is now an epidemic on a rainy season. Still not a reason to celebrate a special day in my life, It’s my discovery of love. Love that once I thought that is myth on the kind of a person I am before, a gamer, a joker and a bard, nothing to be serious about. Looking back I discovered that I am not all that, she helped me do things in a different way, she challenge me everyday. Three years of love and challenges that almost eat us apart, by the help of God and friends, “It’s just a piece of cake.

Three years and three pieces of my life has changed me for the better and discovered the inner father in me. Its not really me blogging on a serious note but to whatever it is how I present it here, its written in my heart and wrote by my soul.

Cake Piece 3: Music, Laughter and Prayer – These are the things that hold our sanity, if  you are always serious about life itself it will eat you alive! We both love music and the music in our lives represents good times, our love story is music itself, a medley, a note and a tune. We dance with a music, we listen even without and creating music with our hearts. Prayer is the binder of all of us in the family; it calms us whenever on a crisis. It keeps us together and unites our hearts to God.  Laughter is the shock absorber, an activated carbon, absorbent cotton, it absorbs negative vibes. Laughter is the best we can do on a middle of a crisis (after we pray), laughter lets us think clearly.

Cake Piece 2: Talking is Very Important – Talking is the bridge of two parties that has misunderstanding; no talking means no closure at all. I love to talk really, even it means nothing at all, but as I grew in this relationship with my wife, I learn to listen. Talking and listening is two totally different idea, so what is to do with talking? Communication is the collective form of the two, in a relationship without communication is formless. It forms the relationship, communication defines the intimacy of the relationship a deaf communication is just a siren, noisy with scrambled form.

A good relationship listens to the one who is talking and response back so that there will be an agreement. Over the years communication in our relationship has been a big factor to keep it steady and harmoniously balance.

Cake Piece 1: God and Parents – It’s always on our top list, Parents that guided us to where we are right now (of course with a lot of guts from us) parents that is generous to all our needs and rearing our attitudes, will I explain more? God Almighty, What can we do without you?

Three pieces of my life that keeps my family together and harmoniously face the challenges of life. Without this three, maybe I am somewhere in the middle of nowhere. On our third wedding anniversary I am focusing on what keeps our family happy and what keeps us together, I always thank the Lord for giving me a loving wife, can’t imagine anyone else beside me whenever I woke up in the morning she is the woman that completes my everyday.


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