I am a Squid!


I just opened an account in SQUIDOO, it is a webpage platform where you can write an article called lens. The account is quite a while now, but the lens is very fresh, do check it out here.

Well I decided to give it a try since the hunger for writing is flowing on my veins. Also they have a tempting offer that you can earn eventually if your lens becomes popular or somebody clicked on the ads they put on your lens. Well actually you have an option to add the ads yourself.

Since I have the passion in web designing and I want to share the experience I had in creating websites I decided to write about web designing process, well inclined to the explanation to the client (tough clients) why I write such? I write this article for the freelancers on how they will explain it to their clients on what is the set up on creating websites.

Writing for Squidoo

Since the boom of frameworks and CMS’s are all over the net as a client myself I will thought that building websites is just as easy as eating(how easy is that?) Well if you are the client I am talking about well your wrong, look at my explanation why? Watch out for more of my lenses mostly in web designing! Enjoy Reading!


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