Brett Anderson

Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson of Suede

Who will not recognize the epic voice of the iconic SUEDE! Yes it is the voice the give life to the song BEAUTIFUL ONES and LAZY. Born September 29, 1967 in Haywards Heath, West Sussex into a working class family, Anderson’s mother was an artist and his father was a classical music fan.[

In his teens, Anderson played guitar for garage bands such as The Pigs and Geoff, the latter featuring future Suede bassist Mat Osman. In the late-1980s, Anderson and Osman formed Suede with Anderson’s girlfriend, Justine Frischmann, soon recruiting guitarist Bernard Butler through an advertisement in the NME. After receiving percussional help from former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce, in 1991, Simon Gilbert joined Suede as their official drummer and that is the born of SUEDE.

From a huge success in suede, in 2004, Anderson and former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler briefly formed the band The Tears with Will Foster, Makoto Sakamoto and Nathan Fisher and released their debut album Here Come The Tears, which was met with mixed critical and popular reaction.

Anderson was close friends with Simon Hobart (promoter of Popstarz) and was the DJ at the benefit night held in Hobart’s honour after his death.

In May 2006, Anderson announced details of a solo album consisting of 11 tracks, which was released on 26 March 2007. He told NME that the title would be Brett Anderson since “…that’s my name, you see.” The accompanying video for Anderson’s first single “Love Is Dead” debuted on UK television in February 2007, quickly finding its way to YouTube. “Love Is Dead” made its debut at #42 in the UK singles chart, and the album went to #54 the following week. The keyboardist-producer on his album is Fred Ball, and former Suede bass player Mat Osman joined the live band on tour.

In 2010, Anderson announced on his website that he is currently working on his current album co-written with Leo Abraham, however, the instrumentation will be different to its predecessor. “for better of for worse i’m kind of trapped within myself and my own style and i suppose my quest is to slowly whittle my work down into the best version of that that i can. working with Leo has again been a pleasure and a fantastic learning experience for me. he’ll never take the easy option when making music and he’s always looking for a twist””

His voice echoed my childhood and will always be remembered by his genius! Though the short term success after SUEDE he always pursued further on his solo albums that will always awaken my mortal soul.


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