My Blog Is Still Existing : Can I Still Participate?

Blogging Again

After a few months of blank thoughts and just concerned about the holiday season, here is the first entry of the year. Well what’s so special about first if there will be a second. Heh! Just being punished for being a bad boy last year, like they say, be good to the world and the world will be good for you. There are a lot of useless distractions last quarter of the year. Oh well it’s too late to be bitter of everything, now that I realize that, looking back,2010 is a very blessed one, but opportunities come and go, if you really taking everything for granted. Enough of those negative stuff of yesteryear, it’s time looking forward in the future and start right today and not just because it’s new year it’s because you to have a better life, everyday and every single second of your existence.

When I saw the announcement here in WORDPRESS, well I am a bit disappointed of myself (its just getting worse) that there is this post everyday thingy going on.  For in any reason that I am just participating today, I am just lazy to write a new post.


Maybe I am lazy but my blog is still up for the challenge, I am happy that I will participate on this thingy going on. I need to commit on something for atleast thrice or for nth time in my life (I am already committed to my family, that’s the first time I commit!). I don’t call myself a writer but I love to write its more than a passion to call myself a writer, I love writing, it’s like eating ice cream (I like sweets and mocha).

To start the year of writing I should think of my audience. Who will be my audience this year? Can you suggest on how can I choose one? This is really tough! Hoping for a kind year this year.

3 thoughts on “My Blog Is Still Existing : Can I Still Participate?

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