It’s a good day today and I am doing this on a company time but this is the time I struck this idea, so I got to write it down and publish it immediately (which is not good but here it goes anyway!). It is New Year and Resolutions are always “IN” when New Year comes, resolutions that break and resolutions that are not done. Let’s be realistic resolutions are broke by accident it is when something important come up then unintentionally the resolution is broken, good luck next year again. The one that I will promise myself is indeed a very bad habit and needs to be shutdown, being talkative is really bad especially  when you are a guy and stealing company’s time is bad also so let’s move on with it.


This is kind an old for me, it is the oldest saying I ever heard but it’s true and the basic meaning of it is to think a hundred times before saying something to anyone. Well it makes sense in the fact that I always joke around and my jokes are offensive already sometimes unintentionally. Well whether its unintentional still its wrong, so I will shut my mouth up and be more conscious on what will I say or do for that matter.

The thing objective here is to gain friends and build  a community all year round and I mean a lot of friends. What are the possibilities of having many friends? So how will you spend your year building enemies? Think about it…


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