Resolution don’t last a day, or when you are in the NEW YEAR’s state. Here is the day2 of my Resolution, actually the first one is still in progress and really needs to shutdown, I need to break that habit.

This resolution is all about getting fit! Let’s face it, I am a fat guy programming other people’s businesses to get rich. I am not a very good programmer but I know what I am doing. I have a big tummy and I am starting to reduce my carbo a bit. Just a bit, I just have to learn and teach my tummy to be satisfied with a small amount of food.

Shutting up is still part of my second resolution to remind me that I still have to shut up and shape up!

Shaping up is not an easy task, its a discipline, it’s the way! These will be the steps for my shaping up discipline.

  1. MORE VEGGIES (awk!) – I eat veggies, but I do not crave (well some of the easy ones to eat). I will add more veggies on my meals for good digestion and healthy body.
  2. LESS RICE – Philippines is one of the rice countries around Asia. We do not have rolls here (optional to some fast foods) but I will make it a habit to lessen my rice. Also it will cause me diseases like diabetes so less rice will be the supportive step for more veggies.
  3. ADD FOOD SUPPLEMENTS – Food supplements are a lot here in the PHILIPPINES. When I say a lot, it’s really a lot so you will be confused with the brands. Choose what is best for your needs.
  4. DRINK A LOT OF WATER – Water is essential and life source so drink a lot of it so you can flush away toxins.
  5. SMILE – Always smile and have positive outlook in life, it helps when you are undergoing a huge sacrifice.
  6. Exercise – It is always a supplementary advice to exercise to burn all that fat.

Well common are they, but still effective for the fit that I am targeting.

These are just my mini resolutions for the year…. there are more in the coming days so stay tuned.


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