It’s weekend in this part of the globe and it has been rough around the office and the pressure is on due to the new system to be implemented around the office and I am one of the author of that, well at least I have a part on the system. Enough of that outside the blogging system, this is my post for the week and it is all about the pen revolution around the family, my wife just put up a blog! Way before we got into this revolution of blogging, she put up a blog about our daughter, the success of is not that significant. But now the site already have an average of 50 visits per day, though its just started this week it’s pretty much making a percentage to the blogosphere.

I am proud that she is blogging now and she’s doing great actually (I think she is better than me). She is into Internet Marketing and she has some quite interesting topics to start from.

I do monitor her blogs, well I saw her blogging and she’s passionate in her writing, she quite serious into this new found hobby and I am proud of her. For more information about blogging or internet marketing here are some of the information I picked up from her blog.

Happy Blogging!


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