The Key For Huge Traffic: Part 1

The blog of my wife is exceptional in terms of turnout of visits. As per my eyes can see, it averages 50-60 visits a day for the last 2 days, pretty high for beginners. It has a lot of potential just maintain the freshness of the content I think the statistic will sky rocket. Together with its catchy name, the niche really has a mark and very valuable to all part-timers or professionals that has a passion to write. So this post is all about having traffic, well at least the basics, I am no expert but for the benefit of those who want to start and bumped into my page, they will have an idea where to start.

Customer Awareness

Customer awareness is banging your customer that you are what he needs. So here are the tools of the trade.

NICHE It is your brand! Your blog has to have a target audience. Like my wife’s blog is all about internet marketing, it is all about creating a few bucks in blogging. Here’s how she did it.

KEYWORDS – Keywords are your foundation to be found. It is your fliers to search engines that blinks bright bulb to all that you are here and these are my products/content! READ ME!

CONTENT – If keywords are your foundation, your marketing department, the content  is your flagship, the juice, the big O (oops!).


Sign up for directories that shares your niche. A link to every part of the web is essential, well at least for GOOGLE some can make or break you.

DIRECTORIES – Here you can post links, actually its an ocean of links.

FORUMS – Nothing beats this! Include it to your signature and wallah! you are tracked.

BLOGS – Just leave comments to the blogs related to your niche and there you are. Another link and for the web.

LINK BUILDING is really a hard work but it will pays off later in your journey. So let’s see if we can nudge a bit to this goldmine called INTERNET MARKETING. Have it your way, work at your own pace, fill up that blank check to the riches that you wanted, if you just wait for the money to come, it will be smaller but if you are aggressive then it will continue to flow.

Are you up for the challange?

Happy Blogging!


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