Just Some Good News: Clickbank Earnings

I already have prepared a post for today but this good news is too long overdue to share to others. It is not so biggie like the others but it is big for us just start in this thingy called Internet Marketing. I earned online from getting some gigs in few clients out bound but this is a different one.

Earnings in Clickbank

When I say it has a potential it really has potential. I am talking about the blog of my wife. I was just blogging about it a few weeks ago and POOF! It has a SALE in CLICKBANK. Well I don’t have to post the figures, it’s just cents to the thousand earned by others, but were getting there. This small victory of ours is just the tip of the iceberg.


A small cent earning from CLICKBANK is a myth to us at first, but our curiosity pays off. We are getting in the current but I hope this is not the last of it. The happiness it brings is really surreal. I am proud of my wife and I am very proud of her blog.

The bottom line we earned in CLICKBANK and we will not stop until the last of it, not now and not in the coming years. It’s not easy to earn but we are feeling the momentum.

Happy Blogging!


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