POSTAWEEK2011: Health, Love And Live – A Guide


I am really not sure if this is really for the postaweek thingy… I am thinking if I will put this on my Resolution, which is still in progress. This is a “post” valentine post, so you can read a lot of love here, which is the favorite topic of many. Well I am married with a kid and living a convenient life is not that easy, it’s never a fairy tale.


Marriage is not a situation, for me it’s a process of building a harmony between you and your partner, believe me it’s different when you are in one house. If your marriage right now is in the middle of a crisis before you go to  your counselor, please read this first. It has a rich discussion on how you will save your marriage.


Our family has a very old history of hypertension that really kicks to my chest once in a while. I am 26 and I felt this symptoms since 16 years old and before I do not mind this attacks but now I am really conscious about it. All that you know about cholesterol is a lie so take a look at this book of Dr. Dwight Lundell then you will get to learn more on the truths about cholesterol.


Living the life that you want does not require a huge amount of money in the bank. When you are young and enjoying the “LIFE” money does matter, but when you reach the retiring age, you will see that money means nothing. It’s always at the last part of your life when you see the life itself. These guys, Joe Vitale and Brad Yates, have the answer on how you can transform you relationship to money forever.

These three are, for me, the major factors to have a successful life or on how you look into success… You can’t be fully successful if you do not have health, or live with all the wealth without love. The three are not interchangeable and can not be substituted with any other, or maybe you have an opinion with that?

Share it here, I love to hear it.

Live, Love and be Healthy!


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