POSTAWEEK2011: Chances of Rain

After a horror week in the hospital, this week starts very light. Though pressure is always present in the work place, still this week starts very light, starting with my family became closer again.


My baby is diagnosed with this illness called DENGUE. It’s a tricky illness because it has no direct medicine for it! I know God is with us while in the hospital. Though the condition is pretty serious but God blessed my daughter with good health. After Wednesday her platelet count drops, it immediately normalize then on Friday we are discharged from the hospital, really God moves in mysterious ways.


I have modules to fix and upgrades to the system we made. The first day was hectic, I am glad my colleagues understands my situation but work is work! I was late that day and a huge bunch of papers needed to be encoded is on my desk but I have to do it together with the system fixes!


“Pink is my favorite color” – AEROSMITH. After a day’s work, well the work being a father and a husband doesn’t stop from earning profit from a day job, I should help also some market chores. In short, I went to the market to buy something to eat. Yes, I was in PINK SLIPPERS and PINK UMBRELLA with girlie design (lol). I just realized that when I reach home, then just laughter filled the whole house.

The Chances of Rain in summer is quite high now a days, especially we are all experiencing climate change. Normally it’s really hard to have rain in a summer season most especially when you are in tropics! What I am saying here is, having the perfect time after a crisis is a blessing already like the chances of rain in a summer day, just appreciate it when it comes and when you look back and remember your hardships, you will say “It’s not that bad after all… All happens for a reason”. You will appreciate all the people around you, and the events you have going through.


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