Philippines : Complain, Complain, Complain

I have been quiet due to blogging reasons. I just put up a review site, for movies and music (which I truly love). Though writing is the subconscious favorite I still have this flame in commenting what I just heard and watched. But that’s not the reason why I am blogging right now (it’s just advertisement). The real reason are the complainers of the world!

What Happened?

It started in the middle east and its neighboring countries. What happened to you people? Why so angry? Plus my fellow countrymen, they are just noise it has no sense in their what are saying there is no real substance to this. They complain about wage increase, but they didn’t listen to the president’s Labor Day gift. I think the president had some vague points, but the action has a title and it’s not gossip. These people complaining and complaining, why spend their time on these senseless and irrelevant movement all they want to do is just complain like babies, very disappointing.

Why don’t you run your own country?

These people on the streets some of them if not all have families. I have a family to feed, maybe my salary is lower than those on the street but I don’t complain. As long as I love my work, I love what I am doing, I will never work again for the rest of my life. Remember the president will not work for you… the root of these is the mindset of many parents of today, “WAG KA NA MAG-ARAL MAGTRABAHO NA LANG” What they don’t know if they work early they will be stuck in fast foods or factory forever of their lives thus, financial problems in their families plus the growing number of family member with only one breadwinner.


Fighting for what you believe, or for your rights for whatever is the reason, there is a proper timing for all of that. The administration is too young to fix all of these, he has a whole country to run and wage is not the only problem in this country. Give him a break, give him space and have faith and not just blah blah on the streets.


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